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The Library Services serves as a research and reference point for standard information to staff, government agencies, business entrepreneurs and consumers including the international community on standardization activities.


Mandate of Library Services (LS) "shall assemble, maintain and extend a collection of books and publications (standards/ normative documents) and such other matters as it considers appropriate for a standards library of the highest standing and make the facilities of the library available to such categories of persons as it thinks fit and upon such terms and conditions as it considers necessary".


The SON Library Services was established by the Enabling Act 56, subsection 5 of 1971, with responsibility to assemble and maintain collection of standards (normative documents), books and other relevant materials it considers appropriate for standard library.

Library Services (LS)

Operates under Standard directorate with the following responsibilities, units or Centres:

  1. Technical Library Centre
  2. Standards Information Centre
  3. Serials Management Centre
  4. Documentation and Bindery Centre
  5. Standards Sales Centre
  6. State Offices Delivery Centre
  7. E-Library Centre
  8. ICT Administration Centre
  9. Codex Centre
  10. Trade fairs and Exhibitions
  11. Lagos Lekki Library Centre
  12. Benue State Library Centre

Mission Statement

To Build and sustain Library services of high standing for Standard Development in Nigeria.


The SON Library Services procedure is a professional administrative, management processes and rules established to guide the activities of the information providers and users on the permissible and non- permissible rights and obligations in the business of standard information generation and dissemination by the stakeholders.

It provides for the rules of engagement in accessing and assessing the library services as detailed in in the following pages.

Library Quality Objective

  1. Provision an appropriate means and facilities for generation, documentation, preservation and dissemination of information on standards and standard related matters at both national and international levels;
  2. Cataloging and classification of standards and other library materials within 7 working days of taking delivery;
  3. Documentation and publishing of standards related publications on demand;
  4. Promotion and marketing of national and international standard information to stakeholders at conference at office locations, conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions.


  1. Record of library use and users
  2. Quarterly and periodic library reports and statistics
  3. Feedback from stakeholders including complaints
  4. National Standards Database Management Logbook
  5. Sales records

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